Thermal Management

Thermal Management

Aktubrentgen JSC offers a wide variety of thermal management products and accessories from the top manufacturers in the industry including Sanyo Denki, Orion Fans, ebm pabst, Delta, ATS, Aavid Thermalloy and more.

  • 18,719 Products
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Shop coolers, fans and blowers, heat sinks, thermoelectric coolers and other heat management accessories for all applications.

Thermal management products are designed to minimize or dissipate the heat generated by the regular operation of electronics in order to improve their reliability and prevent premature failure.

Thermal Management


  • Thermal Management Accessories (5,192)


  • Air Conditioners (2,887)
  • Fan Coolers (234)
  • Fanless Coolers (9)
  • Heat Sinks (4,107)
  • Thermoelectric Coolers (101)


  • Blowers and Fans (6,189)



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