Standard and Specialty Logic

Standard and Specialty Logic

Aktubrentgen JSC for standard and specialty logic components from top industry manufacturers including Texas Instruments, Nexperia, ON Semiconductor, Fairchild and Diodes Incorporated.

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We offer a wide variety of standard logic components from flip flops and gates to inverter Schmitt triggers, latches and registers. Find specialty logic components for every design including thousands of buffers and line drivers, counter shift registers, decoders and demuxers, muxes, level translators and more. Plus, shop for error detection and correction devices including parity generators and checkers.

Standard logic devices are generic logic functions that comply with the original classic 7400 series logic family. This was a series of transistor to transistor logic (TTL) that included devices with functions like logic gates, flip-flops, counters, arithmetic logic units (ALUs) and bus transceivers. As time progressed and technology advanced, new faster, high performance components became available that were in the same footprint and had the same function as the original logic function devices. This allowed for consistent pin outs and in some cases enabled newer devices to replace the old without a re-layout of the PCB.

Specialty logic devices include a wide variety of components that are typically application specific in nature and that may support functionality not included in the original 7400 Series. Examples of this include special technology conversions, level shifters, digital phase locked loop filters, digital delay elements, differential receivers, and transmitters.

Standard and Specialty Logic

Error Detection and Correction

  • Error Correction (2)
  • Parity Generators and Checkers (147)

Specialty Logic

  • ALU (23)
  • Buffers and Line Drivers (9,340)
  • Counter Shift Registers (4,374)
  • Decoders and Demuxes (1,959)
  • Encoders (141)
  • Level Translators (1,920)
  • Logic Adders and Subtractors (110)
  • Logic Comparators (425)
  • Monostable Multivibrators (719)
  • Multiplexers (2,313)

Standard Logic

  • Flip Flops (5,960)
  • Gates (9,949)
  • Inverter Schmitt Trigger (3,510)
  • Latches (2,732)
  • Registers (208)



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