RF and Microwave

RF and Microwave

Aktubrentgen JSC is an authorized distributor of RF and Microwave components from leading manufacturers including Analog Devices, Silicon Labs, Microchip, Texas Instruments and NXP.

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Shop RF, wireless and Bluetooth modules and RF ICs for every application, including hundreds of RF transceivers, tuners, mixers and switches. Plus shop for RF/wireless dev boards and kits, accessories such as antennae and phase shifters, and much more.

RF and microwave devices encompass the vast field of wireless communication. Any component capable of operating at RF/microwave frequencies, even if it doesn't explicitly transmit or receive wireless data, is also considered an RF or microwave device.

Many devices are used as building blocks for a larger RF system. Attenuators reduce the input power by a specific amount. Mixers provide multiplication of carrier and baseband signal inputs. RF amplifiers boost power for a narrowband frequency range. RF diodes can be used for envelope detection or can function as a low-quality mixer.

Parts that implement systems using 802.11, Bluetooth, GPS, and other wireless protocols are also considered to be under the RF and microwave category. These complex devices integrate the RF frontend, baseband processing/filtering, and digital backend needed for complete system implementation. For example, an 802.11 wireless LAN part has dozens of basic RF components such as mixers, tuners and amplifying transistors.

RF and Microwave

  • RF Couplers (318)

Add and Remove DC

  • DC Blocks (6)


  • RF Diodes (174)

Evaluation, Development Boards and Kits

  • RF/Wireless Development Boards and Kits (3,516)


  • GPS Receivers (232)

Isolator and Circulator

  • RF Isolator and Circulators (1,826)


  • Mod and Demod (417)
  • Prescalers (124)
  • RF Detector (248)
  • RF Duplexers (195)
  • RF Front End (77)
  • RF Switches (708)
  • RF Transceivers (1,605)
  • Tuners (270)
  • Up-Down Converter and Mixers (797)

RF Identification

  • NFC/RFID Reader and Writers (247)
  • NFC/RFID Tag and Transponders (758)

RF Modules

  • 802.11 Wireless LAN Modules (870)
  • 802.15.4 LR-WPAN (741)
  • Bluetooth (1,578)
  • Combo Wireless Modules (843)
  • RF Combiner and Dividers (38)
  • RF Multiplexers (141)
  • RF Multipliers (110)

Other RF

  • Antennas (1,973)
  • Phase Shifters (69)
  • RF ICs Misc (232)
  • RF Modules Misc (219)



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