Power Supplies

Power Supplies

Aktubrentgen JSC has wide selection of power supplies, modules and adaptors from leading manufacturers.

  • 52,265 Products
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We are an authorized distributor for top power supply manufacturers, including Murata, Recom, Mean Well, CUI INC, Artesyn, and Delta Electronics. We carry hundreds of uninterruptible power supplies and LED power supplies and stock new and popular AC to DC converters, DC to AC inverters, switch mode, battery chargers, plug-in adapters, DC to DC converters, and both step up (boost) and step down (buck) converters and regulators.

Power supplies are components that provide a particular voltage and current output from a single power source, providing conversion and protection that fits the needs of the application. Need help finding the right one? Arrow.com has free design tools and engineering experts standing by to answer your questions.

Power Supplies

  • AC to DC Power Supplies (9,783)
  • Battery Chargers (227)
  • DC to AC Inverters (148)
  • DC to DC Converter and Switching Regulator Module (29,194)
  • DC to DC Power Supplies (147)
  • External Plug-In Adapters (4,270)
  • LED Power Supplies (3,670)
  • Power Distribution Units (1,781)
  • Power Over Ethernet - PoE (125)
  • Power Supply Accessories (1,805)
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems - UPS (1,115)



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