Power Management

Power Management

Aktubrentgen JSC is an authorized distributor of power management components from leading manufacturers including TE Connectivity, Analog Devices, Infineon, ON Semiconductor and Microchip.

  • 95,683 Products
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Shop a wide selection of power management products for battery management and motion motor control, DC to DC converters, AC to DC switchers, gate and power drivers of all types, thousands of power ICs and PWM controllers. Plus find a huge selection of linear regulators and controllers, supervisory circuits, switches, muxes, dev boards and kits, and much more.

Power management products may be comprised of power distribution circuits and cables or voltage regulation to maintain a stable power supply reference. It may also relate to the way power supplies convert between different voltages and currents in a system or the conversion between AC and DC power. Often special signal switching and filtering is needed to implement the proper power management for an application. This may include feedback into a control loop to respond to the changing physical characteristics of the system – for example, angular velocity on a motor shaft or temperature in an oven.

Power management is critical in systems with batteries, including hybrid systems with battery and mains or another source of power like solar. Batteries can have their life expectancy significantly reduced by not staying within the discharge specification for the system or the charging profile for the battery technology employed. In many cases, systems behave differently as the battery power drops or if an alternative supply is selected. A system may have economy modes when battery power gets low, requiring charge level to be actively monitored.

Power Management

Application Specific

  • Battery Management (3,590)
  • Motion Motor Control (2,534)
  • PMIC Solutions (1,935)
  • Telecom Ringer (20)
  • Voltage References (6,282)
  • Wireless Charging (164)

DC to DC Conversion

  • Charge Pump (996)
  • DC to DC Converter and Switching Regulator Chip (13,704)
  • Special Purpose Voltage Regulators (566)


  • Gate and Power Drivers (4,364)
  • Intelligent Power Modules (592)

Evaluation, Development Boards and Kits

  • Power Management Development Boards and Kits (6,977)

Power Controllers

  • AC to DC Switching Converters (1,598)
  • DC to DC Controller (4,268)
  • Hot Swap Controllers (1,435)
  • OR Controllers (334)
  • Power Factor Correction - PFC (679)
  • Power Over Ethernet - PoE Controllers (507)
  • Power Supply Controllers and Monitors (1,036)

PWM Controllers

  • Current Mode PWM Controllers (3,375)

Regulators and Controllers

  • Linear Regulators (26,534)
  • Low Dropout Controllers (95)

Signal Conditioning

  • RMS to DC Converters (111)

Supervisors and Reset ICs

  • Supervisory Circuits (7,347)

Switches and Muxes

  • Current Limit Switches (2,242)
  • Power Muxes (91)
  • Power Switches (896)
  • USB Power Switches (1,319)

Power Management Other

  • Feedback Signal Generators (47)
  • Specialized Power ICs and Modules (2,045)



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