Mechanical Power Transmission

Mechanical Power Transmission

Aktubrentgen JSC sells top mechanical power transmission solutions from industry leaders like Molex, KDE Direct, TE Connectivity, Adafruit, Desco and others.

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Shaft couplings, chains, sprockets, belts, sheaves, gears and related products add functionality to systems made up of moving parts (as opposed to systems powered electronically). These solutions are typically used in manufacturing, HVAC and agricultural industries and other industrial applications. It is important to consider any industrial standards your application needs to meet along with strength and durability of the product. Shop the industry’s best mechanical power transmission products.

Mechanical Power Transmission

Belts, Gears and Pulleys

  • Belts and Chains (37)
  • Gearboxes and Gearheads (18)
  • Gears, Pulleys and Sprockets (40)

Shafts, Rods and Supported Products

  • Bearing Accessories (19)
  • Rods and Shafts (97)
  • Shaft Collars, Couplings and Locking Devices (35)



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