Materials, Chemicals and Adhesives

Materials, Chemicals and Adhesives

Aktubrentgen JSC is an authorized distributor of adhesives, chemicals, and materials for electronic design from industry leading manufacturers including Aleph Objects, Phoenix Contact, Panduit, TE Connectivity, Desco Industries and HellermanTyton.

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Shop for materials, chemicals and adhesives for the cleaning, labeling and maintenance of electronic components. Plus a wide variety of 3D printing filaments, soldering and welding supplies.

Materials, chemicals and adhesives are used for the construction and maintenance of electronics. They include standard labels, tapes, and adhesives as well as industrial lubricants and adhesives for bonding heatsinks and creating good thermal connections. Other special materials suppress electromagnetic radiation and minimize vibration.

Materials, Chemicals and Adhesives


  • Specialized Materials and Chemicals (40)


  • Curable Adhesives (18)
  • Epoxy Adhesives (161)
  • Silicone Adhesives (23)
  • Threadlockers (7)


  • Cleaning Agents (78)
  • Industrial Inks (3)
  • Industrial Lubricants (28)
  • Paints and Coatings (113)


  • 3D Printing Filaments (162)
  • Abrasives (39)
  • Foams (10)
  • Labels (4,485)
  • Tapes (849)

Welding Supplies

  • Fluxes (19)
  • Solder Masks (3)
  • Soldering Materials (186)



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