Aktubrentgen JSC is an authorized distributor of new and popular magnetics components from industry leading manufactures such as Bourns, TDK, muRata, Vishay and Pulse Electronics.

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Shop transformers for all applications, including audio, power, pulse, RF and telecom. Find a huge variety of leaded inductors and thousands of surface mount inductors for every project. Plus, shop inductor kits for fast prototyping and transformers for all applications, including audio, power, pulse, RF and telecom.

Magnetics, in general, refers to any electronic device that employs the use of magnetic fields to accomplish its intended purpose. An inductor is a classic circuit component that converts electrical energy to magnetic energy (and vice versa). Inductors and capacitors are the two types of energy-storage components used in the design of analog filters. Together the inductor and capacitor can be used to remove high-frequency components (lowpass filter), remove low-frequency components (highpass filter), remove only a specific frequency range (bandstop) or pass only a specific frequency range (bandpass).

Transformers are simply two inductors with strong mutual coupling between them. Step-down transformers reduce the voltage from the input power source to an amplitude that is less dangerous and also more practical in businesses and households. Step-up transformers increase the voltage for more efficient transmission over long distances of power lines. Transformers are essential to the distribution of AC power.


Inductors and Coils

  • Inductor Leaded (8,516)
  • Inductor Surface Mount (45,759)
  • Wireless Charging Coils (127)

Power Transformers

  • Audio Transformers (448)
  • Current Transformers (419)
  • Power Transformers (3,836)
  • Pulse Transformers (494)
  • RF Transformers (389)
  • Switching Transformers (553)
  • Telecom Transformers (2,556)
  • Transformers Other (153)



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