LEDs and LED Lighting

LEDs and LED Lighting

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We are an authorized distributor of LEDs from Cree, Dialight, Everlight, LEDiL, OSRAM, Wamco, Lumileds, Samsung, and more. Arrow.com has in-stock displays including dot matrix, segmented, light bars and arrays, plus a wide variety of indicators, modules and other accessories.

Light Emitting Diodes utilize solid-state lighting technology to produce light through solid matter, essentially a semiconductor. This sets them apart from other light sources such as incandescent bulbs (through a vacuum) or compact fluorescent bulbs (through gas). The fundamental mechanism of light production runs on Band-to-Band recombination or radiation.

The current running through LEDs only moves in a single direction. Electrons from one end race toward the positively charged holes found on the opposite end when electricity passes through the semiconductor. Light is produced when the electrons interact with the holes.

LEDs were first created in 1962, came only in red, and were used as signal lights for electronics. Green and yellow colors were developed in the 1970s, facilitating devices like calculators and traffic lights. By 1993, the first high-density blues were invented. This discovery widened the range of LED light production (even to white light) because red, blue and green form the fundamentals of the color spectrum.

Common examples of of LED lighting include miniature LEDs (ready-to-fit units that can be fitted straight onto a circuit board such as phone signalers), High Power (units with strong glow, such as LED strips), and Application Specific (such as billboards).

LEDs and LED Lighting

LED Accessories

  • LED Accessories (4,274)
  • LED Light Pipes (1,808)
  • Optical Lenses (3,136)

LED Displays

  • LED Displays Segmented (2,050)
  • LED Displays Dot Matrix (463)
  • LED Light Bars, Arrays and Bar Graphs (327)

LED Indication

  • Infrared Emitters (1,273)
  • LED Panel Mount Indicators (4,018)
  • LEDs (33,909)

LED Lighting

  • LED Modules (9,081)

Lighting Protection

  • LED Protection Devices (184)



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