Fasteners and Hardware

Fasteners and Hardware

Aktubrentgen JSC is an authorized distributor of electronic component fasteners and hardware from leading manufacturers including TE Connectivity, Molex, Hammond, BUD Industries and Panduit.

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Shop for bolts and screws, springs, fasteners, boxes, enclosures and racks, seals, and thousands of hardware tools for every electronic application.

Fasteners and hardware are mechanical components that provide stability and structure to a design. They include board spacers, standoffs, bearings, gaskets, enclosures, accessories for enclosure and attachment, racks, tools for assembly and prototyping. Kit sets are available components to provide a range of parts or a specific assembly. Tools specific to installation, assembly and maintenance are also hardware items that may come in sets including drivers, keys, pliers and cutters.

Board spacers hold printed circuit boards (PCB) at fixed spacing to each other. Board standoffs hold PCB boards securely to a chassis or body shell of an enclosure.

Bearings provide low friction rotation or fulcrum interconnections and are available in many types including: ball, roller, needle, linear, pivot and slide types. Gaskets seal enclosures, environmentally insulate joints, maintain pressure in cavities and insulate and reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Enclosures are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Wall and rack mount styles are available. The most common materials are polycarbonate, aluminum and sheet metal. Enclosures can be specified for environmental sealing, and will have specific holes for ingress/egress of cables and connectors. Holes can be blocked with bungs and hole plugs. Hinges, handles, latches and foot pads are available for attachment. Racks that support specific enclosure standards allow for larger system housing and interconnection. Components can require mounts and insulators for attachment to PCB, panels, racks or DIN rail channels.

Fasteners and Hardware


  • Gaskets (78)
  • O-Rings (61)

Bolts and Screws

  • Carriage Bolts (1)
  • Hex Bolts (8)
  • Screws (893)


  • Ball and Spring Plungers (3)
  • Hook and Loop Fasteners (41)
  • Inserts (24)
  • Mechanical Pins (46)
  • Nuts (240)
  • Retaining and Snap Rings (45)
  • Rivets (30)
  • Springs (214)
  • Studs (30)
  • Washers (344)


  • Bearings (32)
  • Box, Enclosure and Rack Accessories (7,315)
  • Boxes, Enclosures and Racks (10,684)
  • Bumpers and Leveling Elements (133)
  • Casters (9)
  • Clamps and Clips (182)
  • Control Knobs (797)
  • Grommets and Eyelets (53)
  • Handles, Locks and Latches (548)
  • Hinges (3)
  • Magnets (29)
  • Mounting Brackets (187)
  • PCB Spacers and Supports (5,951)
  • Shock Absorbers (2)
  • Standoffs (4,631)

Material Handling and Lifting

  • Extrusions (3)
  • Hoists, Winches and Lifting Equipment (87)
  • Lanyards, Slings and Wire Ropes (13)
  • Wire Rope Accessories (89)



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