Drivers and Interfaces

Drivers and Interfaces

Aktubrentgen JSC has electronic drivers and interfaces from industry leading manufacturers including Texas Instruments, Analog Devices, Linear Technology, Exar, Microchip, ON Semiconductor, NXP and more.

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Shop drivers for ADSL, display, laser, LCD and LED technology, plus a huge variety of interface components including bus line transceivers, digital isolators, LVDs, UARTs, interface ICs and more.

Drivers are dedicated transmitters. They are optimized for driving a particular technology family or communication standard and simplify the design of a larger system by implementing all the relevant protocols and electrical requirements. For example, an LED driver offloads the high current source/sink demands from the CPU/AP GPIOs and onto the driver component. Interface components may contain drivers and receivers (transceivers), which are versatile components that can be used to implement a communication network and act as repeaters.

Drivers and Interfaces


  • ADSL Drivers and Receivers (254)
  • CCFL Inverters (185)
  • Display Drivers (227)
  • Laser Drivers (129)
  • LCD Drivers (508)
  • LED Drivers (3,697)
  • Lighting Drivers and Controller ICs (318)
  • Mechanical Encoder Driver Interfaces (2)
  • Peripheral Drivers (123)
  • Plasma Drivers (1)


  • Bus Line Transceivers (8,381)
  • Digital Isolator (2,810)
  • GPIO Expanders (751)
  • Interface Controllers (493)
  • Interface Modules (1,734)
  • Line Interface Units (107)
  • LVDS (1,869)
  • SCSI Expanders (7)
  • Sensor and Detector Interface (624)
  • Signal Buffers and Repeaters (629)
  • Smart Card Interface (150)
  • Termination Ics (70)
  • Touch Screen Controllers (1,141)
  • Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter- UARTs (838)
  • USB Interface ICs (1,466)
  • Voice Record and Playback (83)


  • Specialized Interfaces (1,658)


  • PCI Bridge Chip (141)



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