Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition

Aktubrentgen JSC is an authorized distributor of data acquisition and converstion components from leading manufacturers including Analog Devices, Texas Instruments, Linear Technology, Microchip and ON Semiconductor.

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Shop a huge selection of digital potentiometers, analog front end components, ADC and DAC data converters and a variety of data conversion dev boards and kits.
Data acquisition is a general term that encompasses the process of turning real world phenomenon such as sound or temperature into a sequence of digital data. First, the physical phenomenon must be converted into some type of electrical signal using a sensor. Then, the output of the sensor is fed into the input of an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) or digital-to-analog converter (DAC). Some manipulation of the digital data after conversion can still be considered as part of the acquisition process. The data may be corrected to compensate for known biases in the sensor. Also, the data may be converted into a format more appropriate for analysis via software.

Data Acquisition

  • Analog Front End - AFE (742)
  • Digital Potentiometers (2,228)
  • Sample and Hold (133)
  • Synchro and Resolver to Digital Converters (67)
  • V2F and F2V (121)

Data Converters

  • Analog to Digital Converters - ADCs (10,810)
  • DAC (7,879)
  • Data Acquisition Systems (121)

Evaluation, Development Boards and Kits

  • Data Conversion Development Boards and Kits (2,050)


  • Data Conversion Misc (378)



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