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We are an authorized distributor of connectors from top manufacturers, including Amphenol, TE Connectivity, Corsair, Molex, Phoenix Contact, ITT Corp, Glenair, and more. We have in-stock connectors of all types, including D-sub, fiber optic, automotive, circular, audio and video, RF, telecom, power, and USB. We also carry a large selection of connector terminals and terminal blocks, as well as backshells and accessories of all types.

Some common design requirements to keep in mind when choosing your connector:

1. Pin Configuration – Each can have as little as one signal/power pin (with associated return conductor pin) or up to dozens of signal pins and several power and return pins.

2. Electrical Requirements – The number of signals in total and the voltages, frequencies and currents they carry.

3. Size Constraints – Recent trends towards size reduction across equipment categories has led to a corresponding reduction in component size and weight. In many space-constrained applications, D-Sub is most appropriate.

4. Mechanical Environment – Applications subject to rugged conditions such as shock, vibration and extreme temperatures require specific designation.

5. Sealing – Applications subject to intrusion from liquids or dust require specific sealing levels.

6. Industry Standards – Many industries, including medical, aerospace and defense, and automotive require a certain grade.

7. Reliability – Each is rated for a certain number of cycles, from one-time-use to many thousands.

8. Terminations – Terminal types include crimped, soldered, press fit, and wire-wrap.


Connector Accessories

  • Backshells (24,637)
  • Connector Accessories (30,541)

I/O Connectors

  • Connector Audio and Video (3,231)
  • Connector Circular (2,217,859)
  • Connector D-Subminiature (32,704)
  • Connector Power (11,831)
  • Connector Telephone and Telecom (8,024)
  • Connector USB (1,759)
  • Connector Interface (680)
  • Connector Rectangular (10,939)
  • Connector SCSI (1,876)

Connector Other

  • Connector Contact (24,971)
  • Connector Fiber Optics (957)
  • Connector Memory Card (1,306)
  • Connector Photovoltaic (270)
  • Power Entry Modules (3,616)
  • Connector RF (13,213)
  • Connector Socket (17,062)
  • Connector Terminal Blocks (33,083)
  • Connector Terminals (22,000)
  • Connector Other (2,038)

Wire and PCB Connector

  • Connector Backplane (11,567)
  • Connector Card Edge (3,309)
  • Connector Discrete Wire Housing (21,970)
  • Connector FFC-FPC (7,331)
  • Connector Headers and PCB Receptacles (214,615)
  • Connector Jumpers and Shunts (1,825)



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