Aktubrentgen JSC has a huge selection of capacitors and capacitor accessories from industry-leading manufacturers including Kemet, muRata, Cornell Dubilier, Vishay, Panasonic, NIC, Yageo and more.
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Shop fixed capacitors in a wide variety of materials and structures, variable electronic capacitor components, networks and arrays, dev kits, and more
Capacitors are a passive electrical component with two terminals that store electromagnetic energy in the form of an electric field. Terminals are connected to two conductive plates that have a dielectric material between them. They store an electric charge on their conductive plates. The charged plates separated by the dielectric material create an electric field.
Capacitance is a parameter of a capacitor that indicates the amount of stored electric charge for a given voltage applied to its terminals. It is measured in farads (F). For example, doubling the capacitance will double stored electric charge (for a given constant voltage at terminals).
Capacitors are classified based on physical materials used for three-layer conductor-dielectric-conductor structure. For example, those with metal-dielectric-electrolyte materials are called electrolytic capacitors; metal-ceramic-metal are called ceramic capacitors, etc. Those that are non-polarized may be connected either to positive or negative voltage. If they are polarized they must be connected to a positive voltage, with the positive terminal being marked on the packaging.



  • Capacitor Accessories (206)

Capacitor Networks and Arrays

  • Capacitor Networks and Arrays (1,312)
  • Capacitor RC Network (204)

Fixed Capacitors

  • Capacitor Aluminum (64,815)
  • Capacitor Aluminum Polymer (3,615)
  • Capacitor Electric Double Layer- Supercaps (1,182)
  • Capacitor Feed Through (1,083)
  • Capacitor Tantalum Polymer (5,514)
  • Capacitor Ceramic Multilayer (235,230)
  • Capacitor Ceramic Single Layer (5,993)
  • Capacitor Film (44,114)
  • Capacitor Mica (6,103)
  • Capacitor Niobium (276)
  • Capacitor Silicon (1,411)
  • Capacitor Tantalum Solid (56,636)
  • Capacitor Tantalum Wet (3,903)
  • Capacitor Other (39)

Variable Capacitors

  • Capacitor Trimmer (289)



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