Data Converters

Shop industry-best data converters at Aktubrentgen JSC. We offer a wide selection from manufacturers such as Analog Devices, Linear Technology, Microchip, AKM, Exar, Fairchild Semiconductor, Honeywell Microelectronics & Precision Sensors, NXP Semiconductors, Silicon Labs, STMicroelectronics and others. We offer thousands of analog-to-digital (ADC) and digital-to-analog (DAC) converters, plus a wide range of data acquisition systems.

The applications these products service are numerous; data converters are used in modems, digital signal processing systems, digital storage oscilloscopes, music reproduction technology, medical & power monitoring, home audio systems, precision measurement & sensor conditioning as well as VoIP applications.

The specifications you’ll need to consider when narrowing down your selection include the number of channels, supply voltage, resolution and power consumption.

If you’d like to talk through the various options for sale on, chat with one of our engineers today.


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