Fixed Capacitors

Aktubrentgen JSC offers a wide range of fixed capacitors from the leading manufacturers in the industry, including AVX, Panasonic, Vishay, Murata, KEMET, EPCOS (TDK), Johanson Dialectrics, NIC Components, Nichicon, Cornell Dubilier Electronics and more.

Fixed capacitors are classified according to the material type used as their dielectric. stocks a variety of fixed capacitor types including Aluminum, Ceramic, Mica, Niobium, Silicon, Tantalum, Polymer, and many more. Find multilayer, single-layer, double layer supercap configurations and much more.

When selecting your fixed capacitor, it is important to know the rated voltage, temperature range, and the needed specification for capacitance because this value cannot be adjusted. If you want assistance selecting the best fixed capacitor for your application, live chat with an Arrow engineer today.


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