DC to DC Conversion

Aktubrentgen JSC for DC to DC converters from top manufacturers including Analog Devices, Diodes Incorporated, Linear Technology, Vishay, Texas Instruments, STMicroelectronics, ON Semiconductors, Altera/Intel Programmable Solution, Fairchild Semiconductor, Cypress Semiconductor, and more. Find thousands of DC/DC converters, switchers and regulators, plus hundreds of charge pumps and special purpose voltage regulators for every application.

DC to DC converters convert DC from one voltage level to another, making it a versatile component that is used in electronics where voltage level requirements are different for the supplied battery or external supply. When looking for DC to DC converters, make sure to check its minimum/maximum operating supply voltage, maximum supply current, maximum switching frequency, and efficiency. Find ratings specifications, engineering help, DC to DC converter datasheets and more. 


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