LED Accessories

With the increasingly pervasiveness of LED technology and its applications, there has been a spur in the range of accessories available. LEDs are mainly used for commercial/ Home illumination, entertainment, and signage. Known LED Accessories include Light Bars, Strip Lights, Transformers, and Decoders.
Light bars are usually used as the headlights of vehicles. They hold distinct advantages for their light weight, durability, and low power consumption. Strip lights (otherwise known as LED tape or ribbon lights) are a malleable band of LEDs with a sticky underbelly. Used for decorations, they have the benefits of adaptability; they can be cut to fit, flexible to maneuver edges and generate less heat. They have also been uniquely applied in the forms of wallpaper and eyelashes (e.g. Designs by Soomi Park).
LED Transformers are components that convert the alternating current through the LED fixture and change them into direct current. Such transformers have taken the form of box-shaped or toroidal (rounded) or Ground Burial transformer.
An LED decoder is a part of an electrical capacitor within, storing electricity and discharging it at a constant rate. Used in buildings and cars, they have the intrinsic flicker function. They are mainly used with HID conversion kits which stops error messages and flickering.


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