The Latest from Molex

Molex is a globally recognized provider of electronic solutions in a wide range of industries, including data communications, consumer electronics, industrial, automotive, commercial vehicle and medical. Through a collaborative process, Molex takes a multi-dimensional approach that brings together engineers, product designers and manufacturing to ensure the design cycle is smooth and seamless.

For over two decades, Molex has partnered with Arrow to bring innovative and reliable solutions to customers globally. Together we have consistently demonstrated a shared commitment to the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Through the extensive Molex interconnect portfolio for a broad-range of markets, including industrial equipment, automotive and transportation, medical, telecommunications and consumer electronics, Molex design engineers’ work to solve customer’s toughest challenges. A streamlined collaborative process and multi-dimensional approach brings together engineers, product designers and manufacturing advances to ensure a smooth and seamless design cycle.

Molex design teams of problem-solvers work across borders to help bring your ideas and vision to reality. With 40 manufacturing plants in 16 countries, Molex is a global manufacturer focused on leveraging expertise and partnerships with the world’s leading technology companies to push boundaries, and help enable a better world.

Molex believes innovation is an important tool used to solve complex customer problems. A few high profile inventions that Molex has played a part in are the first car radio, first cellular phone, and the first HDTV. Here at Arrow Electronics, an authorized distributor of Molex’s products, you can find the latest components ranging in categories from connectors and fasteners and hardware to wire and cables.

A few of Molex’s most recent acquisitions include ProTek Medical Ltd (May, 2015), Soligie, Inc. (May, 2015), and SDP Telecom (Jan, 2015).